Wednesday, June 28, 2006

TO Mama-Bloggers Unite and Take Over Get-Together!

***Weather Change***
New daytime location: With Child, 705 Pape (just south of the Danforth). This is a baby store that has a room for us to use. Kittenpie is bringing some toys; BYO snacks, etc.
Evening activities remain the same (details below)

Friday afternoon all-ages at Withrow Park (south of the Danforth, betweenLogan and Carlaw), 2:30 - 5:30(ish)
*At the very north edge of the park, beside the tennis courts, there is a playground area mostly designed for the younger set, fully fenced in, with a shady clubhouse overhang, with small slides and baby swings and a sandbox. This is a perfect place. (Thanks Kittenpie!)*

Friday evening at The Chelsea Room, 923 Dundas West (at Grace), 8pm to ???

See y'all there!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You know you wanna do it too

We all want to do it. We fantasize about it. We wonder what it would be like. We're pretty sure that we'd like it. A lot. That we'd want to do more of it.

But we're a little bit scared to try. What if it's disappointing? What if we're disappointing?

What if - oh god - we walk out there, naked, in all of our real-life glory, and get rejected? Do we really dare come out from behind the screen?

I did. And I want more.

Yesterday, for the very first time, I met a bloggy friend. In real life. In the worldosphere. And it was good.

It was scary, at first. What if she doesn't like me? What if she thinks that I'm not nearly as smart or funny - oh god how we flatter ourselves - as I seem onscreen? What if she thinks that my blog is really only so much false advertising? What if I am disappointing? Will I be disappointing?

Oh god.

But everyone thinks that stuff, right? Jaelithe and Andrea did, before their recent meeting (at which they both discovered that, yes, each is indeed as awesome as the other imagined.) And I can't be the only one that is clutching onto this fear of BlogHer - that I'll arrive and mingle and somebody will say YOU'RE Bad Mother? Really? I thought that you'd be, um, cooler. (Like the time that I stood beside Colin Farrell at Starbucks in Yorkville and thought Dude, you are so short and so not as good-looking as I thought you would be. Bleh.)

(I am so not comparing myself to Colin Farrell. No sex videos, and nowhere near the same tolerance for alcohol.)

And I've been more than a little nervous about this Friday's TO mama-blogger get-together, for the same reasons. Times ten, because I organized it and because I've already gone on record as wanting to do it semi-regularly. What if everybody thinks, um, nice effort, but she's really kind of dull. I'll pass on next time.

I know. I regress.

And I don't really believe any of this - what do we call it? - negative self-talk. Because I know that I'm going to like everybody. I knew that I was going to like MotherBumper. I knew this because I already liked her. I've liked her since I started reading her blog. And I was right. More than right. I liked her just as much in person as I have on the screen and felt totally comfortable and within seconds had stopped worrying about whether she liked me.

It was great. It was companionable. I loved it. It made me even more excited for Friday, and for BlogHer, and many more park perambulations with the Bumpers.

So there you have it. The obligatory I was so scared and excited and scared about meeting other bloggers but OMG I did it and I loved it and when can I gets me more of this blogger-on-blogger action post.

Now, what you really came for: Blogger Baby Kissy-Faced Smackdown!

WonderBaby! C'mere!

For I wish to lick that delicious, hairless, bulbous head of yours!

(Head-licking is how the Lilliputians show affection...)

(Also, they challenge each other to swing races...)

(The hairless ones are more aerodynamic.)

Later, the Lilliputians conferred on how to best achieve world domination, and it was decided that they needed an Alpha Baby street gang. (They represent... the Lilliput Guild, the Lilliput Guild, the Lilliput Guild...)

Hazing rituals for new members begin this coming Friday...

(At the TO Mama-Bloggers Unite and Take Over Get-Together! Full details and directions to be posted here tomorrow, but for now, here's what the plans look like: Friday afternoon all-ages at Withrow Park, 2:30 - 5:30ish, Friday evening adults-only at Chelsea Room, Dundas West, 8pm to ???

Do these times sound okay for everybody? Last chance for voting in changes, final details go up tomorrow...)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

This is your neighborhood...

... and these are yo' mamas.

Welcome to your online moms' group/playgroup/coffee klatsch. The mommy-blogosphere is, of course, our larger neighbourhood, the virtual place that we write and play: this is a local gathering space, for plotting real-life adventures and talking about all things GTA. The topics that might be a little too local-community specific for regular front-page posting.

I know that there are many online resources devoted to mommin' it in Toronto. Again, this is not intended to function as a resource so much as a gathering space (tho' resources will almost certainly be generated). An open, collaborative gathering space. If you want to organize a get-together but don't want to devote a whole post at your site, just make an announcement that there's a post here that GTA mamas and friends might be interested in. If you feel like ranting or raving about something in Toronto or environs (I am BUSTING to rant about the inexplicably terrible customer service at certain TO baby stores, and to rave about the fact that H&M is coming to Dufferin Mall. H&M and Winners in one location that I can WALK TO, OMG), but think that it would only be of interest to TO moms, do it here and link to it from your site. I, of course, will always announce and link to whatever is here from my site.

Kind of like MetBlogs, or BlogTO. But for moms (and interested dads).

This is just an experiment, of course. It may simply turn into Her Bad Mother's Backyard, the place where I announce BBQ's and badminton matches. And that's fine, too - the living room and basement are too small for badminton matches, and they have to happen somewhere. But for now, like the Basement, it's open to anybody and everybody. If you live in TO, near TO, not-so-near but like TO, visit TO, got something to say about TO or anywhere within driving distance of TO - you're welcome to hang here. Same principles as the Basement: e-mail me with your post and I'll put it up. (Eventually I'd like to just circulate the username - tdotmoms - and password to regular posters, but I need to figure out how we'd co-ordinate that without spilling all over each other's posts.)


And now - dum da da DUM - for our first announcement...

TO Mama Get-Together!!!!

Hopefully, the first of many. Confirmed details to date: Withrow Park, June 30th, 2:30 - 5:30 (or thereabouts).

Where in Withrow? If somebody could suggest a location in the park, I'd be much grateful.

After Withrow? Again, we need suggestions for watering holes that will accomodate a group. I'll start the discussion by suggesting this: because we're doing the park thing east side, and because we'll all need to take babies/kiddies home before slipping out for libations, a central location is probably best (so that those of us who are not on the east side don't have to travel cross town twice). Any ideas?

We also need to decide upon the timing for the evening get-together: earlier (in the vicinity of 7pm) or a bit later (after 8pm, after babbies are put to bed).

Once we've settled upon final details, hopefully by Monday, I'll post them here and we can do a head count!

So excited, ladies! So excited.

If you're a TO mom, or a near-TO (southern Ontario) mom, and you'd like to have your blog included on the 'Moms in the GTA' sidebar list, send me a link or post it in the comments.
A blogroll of other blogs will be added shortly, as will a list of TO resource links...