Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Get Yer Red-Hot TO Mamas Right Here!

We blogged us right 'round, baby, right 'round! (Like a record, baby, right 'round 'round 'round!)


No sooner had I suggested a cluster interview, the better to pimp y’all at BlogHer, than Jana steps up and offers to make it a round-robin for those who want to play wild. So it became, in part, a circle interview, and that… well, that’s just hot.

So, let me see if I can get this straight… Jana (SomethingBlue) did MamaTulip; MamaTulip did Kittenpie; Kittenpie did Sunshine Scribe; Sunshine Scribe did MetroMama; MetroMama did BubandPie; BubandPie did MotherBumper; MotherBumper did Scarbiedoll; Scarbie did PenelopeandBumblebee; Penelope did Jana.

Go that? Good.

In addition to all that circle action, UrbanMommy did herself, as did Krista and AC and Christy.

(Did I miss anybody oh god I hope not? If you’ve done the interview and posted it tell me – via comment here – and I’ll link you in ASAP.)

(Haven’t done it yet? What are you waiting for?)

So, if you’re visiting here for the first time, and would like to get know some TO (and area) mama bloggers, here’s your chance.

(NOTE: you'll notice, below, that there is very little mention of children. This is intentional - these women are all mothers, yes, and mama-bloggers, but they're first and foremost women. You can read all about their children and their experiences as mothers at their blogs. But first, get to know them as the class-act broads that they are.)

I recommend starting with SomethingBabyBlue, where you’ll meet the incomparable Jana (who you can learn more about chez Penelope) and where you’ll find an interview with the incomparably cool MamaTulip.

MamaTulip has very cool glasses. MamaTulip also writes heart-wrenchingly moving posts and gut-bustingly funny posts and curses as much as I do. You probably already read her blog, but if you don't, you should start now.

If you'd like her to read your blog, a good start would be to pretend that you're Holden Caulfield or John Lennon. Or, you could just ask her nicely.

While you're checking out her blog, read her interview of Kittenpie. Kittenpie is a super-cool, super-nice, super-gorgeous librarian - which makes her, I suppose, Super Librarian - and a wonderful blogger who consistently writes thoughtful and thought-provoking posts.

And, she has cats, but you are not to make any assumptions about librarians with cats because, um, cute much? Check her picture, right there on your left. Even the corner of her head is hip and cool and pretty.

(Oh, and she needs a blog motto, so visit her blog, churn up some ideas and share them with her.)

She interviewed Sunshine Scribe for this project, which you can read here. Sunshine Scribe, who does not like her blog name (even though everybody else loves it), is a sweet, smart lady who is very possibly the most soulful blogger around. She bares that beautiful soul and explores its corners and shares those explorations with us. She inspires.

And, she has gorgeous legs.

(And she, like Ms. Pie, wants a motto. Get busy, people.)

Sunshine, aka Sandra, interviewed MetroMama, who, she recently discovered (at our fantabulous TO Mama Blogger Ho-Down), went to her high school. MetroMama says it like it is and says it well - she's always sharp and to the point, whether she's talking up (or down) Toronto or reflecting on the issues of the day.

Yeah, she's tough, but she's funny and she's nice and she gardens.

And she likes Anna Karenina. And Buffy. And Spike. Spike.

And that, my friends, is taste.

MetroMama interviewed BubandPie. If you haven't read BubandPie yet, you are waaaay behind the bloggy times, people. Way behind. And missing out. Big time. 'Smart and funny' are overused in descriptions of bloggers, especially girl bloggers, but, um, if the shoe fits? She totally wears it.

Now, I may be biased, because she's all university-ish and teacher-y, like me (and because I've met her and I love her), but I can say with all objectivity that anyone who can spin an interview with references to Thomas the Tank Engine and Hitler and Mr. Darcy and C.S. Lewis is worthy of your time.

BubandPie interviewed MotherBumper, who is as charming on her blog as she is in real life (I know this for fact! We cruise parks together! Our babies play! Well, actually, they let out war hoots and lick each others' heads. But still!)

MotherBumper is funny and honest and really just kinda like that really sweet and smart friend that you had in high school who always made you laugh and who always laughed at all of your jokes and who was equally comfortable in the Band room or in the smoke pit.

And did I say smart? And funny? She says in her interview that she wishes that Laura Palmer had a blog. Case closed.

MotherBumper interviewed Scarbiedoll, whose blog, Martinis for Milk, was one of my own very first must-reads. Hers is another blog that you may already know very well, and if you do, you are to be commended for your fine taste in blog. She's a fantastic writer who pulls no punches and who can make you laugh and tear in up in one post. And if she does yank your heartstrings, she'll do it without an ounce of sentiment - she serves up feeling raw. Raw, like, tuna sashimi-raw, with an ice-cold vodka shot on the side. Hits you cold, goes down warm, invigorates.

And she curses. Like she means it.

That's good shit.

(And, damn. Bared the muffin top. Repeat after me: cojones.)

(But, um, hotness? Double damn.)

Scarbie interviewed PenelopeandBumblebee, whose blog I only discovered, like, last week or something ridiculous like that. Don't let this happen to you: go and get acquainted with her blog now. Better, go read Scarbie's interview with her, and linger over her witty answers to the Proust-gone-blog questions. Note that she provides the best answer, in the last century and a half or so of Proust questionnaire answers, to the singularly banal question: 'what are your favorite names?'

Yes, you immediately thought of your children's names. Or your spouse's name. I did. Not PaB.

Her names? Ben and Jerry.

The names that you and I and every other honest mother out there scream out in the night. Admit it. She's got us figured out.

(And, yes, PaB is a goat. A Capricorn goat, silly. Sticking her tongue out. At you.)

PaB interviewed Jana of SomethingBlue. 'Twas Jana decided that this whole interview thingie should be done round-robin style, and 'twas Jana who organized the round (the robin?) Jana tells charming stories over at her blog and oozes friendliness and wit and warmth all over the place and would probably be the first bloggy person that I would think of if I needed to rest my bloggy head upon someone's chest and sob my bloggy heart out. Because she's the sort of writer - and the sort of person - who just always makes you feel good.

And she wishes that she had the power to astrally project herself to BlogHer, and you should wish that too, if you're going, because you'd love to meet her.

You could also just visit her blog. You'll like it there. I promise.

UrbanMommy did her own interview, which is just like her, because a) she's an arts/culture/media type who prefers being behind the camera, and b) she's fiercely independent. But not so independent that she won't play - hard - and be the best friend around.

She's one of my very best friends, so, yes, I'm biased. But I also have good taste in people so you can take my word on her.

She's made it her mission, on her blog, to tell the truth about what it's really like raising a downtown baby. (So far - not easy.) Will she ever succumb to the lure of midtown? Uptown? Out-of-town? Will the cockroaches and crackheads ever chase her away? Or will she realize that raising a child can be a form of performance art, and best showcased in an arena of grit?

What she already knows (and you can take it from her, because she is an artist, bona fide) is this: the art of child can flourish wherever there's love. And there is love. Lots. Go check it.

And if you like art and artists, you must also check out the lovely Krista, who weaves a brilliant tapestry of words and images over at her blog, The Silent K. She writes, she knits, she takes wonderful photographs - she's a creative whirlwind.

And she will explain the proper pronunciation of Proust to you (that's Proost, FYI) by referring to the Gilmore Girls.

Yes, you would want to hang out with her. But failing that you can visit her blog and read her interview and feel enriched for having met her.

You'll also want to hang out with AC, whose blog title, CrazyMumma, sums up how most of us feel every single freakin' day. (Well, it's how I feel every freakin' day.) AC manages to be both intense and funny, and can spin an anecdote about her children into a gut-buster in under one screen-page.

And she had one of the very best answers to my favourite Proust-gone-blog question (what character of fiction do you most wish had a blog?): the White Witch of Narnia.

'Cause, you know, Aslan would just be too predictable.

Once you've visited AC, you need to go check out Christy. Christy found me, and MamaBlogsToronto, through one of the bestest blogger chicks ever, Izzy, and you know that anyone who hangs with Izzy has just got to be cool. Super cool.

Christy is, as her blog title affirms, A Yankee in Ontario, and writes about the experience of being an American in Canada and makes Americans and Canadians look better in the process.

And she takes awesome photographs.

And she has cool Crocs.

Read her. Because I said so.

And me? The ghostly presence behind the curtain of MamaBlogsToronto? You've probably read me here. You may have hung out in my Basement.

I'm that Bad Mother. You can read my BlogMe interviews here and here.

And when you're done all this reading, you really must do this interview yourself, regardless of whether you are a TO mama or a GTA mama or even a mama at all. Just do it.

Because I'd love to take you with me to BlogHer, and this is the next best thing.


Blogger kittenpie said...

Do pay attention to the woman behind the curtain! (heh heh)

I love this rundown of all the fantastic blogger ladies around here, HBM! But I can feel Toronto heating up even more from the blushes you've no doubt caused among all the bloggers you just web-smooched.

July 26, 2006 12:16 PM  
Anonymous krista said...

So fun. Thanks for the social convening! I had fun reading through these.

July 26, 2006 12:41 PM  
Blogger Brenda said...

Ok my post is *finally* done.


July 26, 2006 3:00 PM  
Blogger something blue said...

You make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Such lovely descriptions of everyone. You, Bad Mother are insightful and thoughtful. You rock it hard core. All your sharing of the love is likely to skyrocket you up to Amalah status in a blink of an eye. Or a weekend at BlogHer.

July 26, 2006 5:49 PM  
Blogger metro mama said...

Bad Mother,

Thanks for spreading the love.

Damn, we've got some talented mamas here in TO.

July 26, 2006 6:29 PM  
Blogger crazymumma said...

Thanks again for doing all of this. All of the ladies sound just incredible, I look forward to sitting down and truly being able to read all of these interviews....Anne

July 27, 2006 7:34 AM  
Anonymous mamatulip said...

This is awesome. Thanks, girl.

July 28, 2006 2:30 PM  
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